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Magnet School

In October of 2013, Napa Junction was notified that it was the recipient of a federal magnet grant.  The magnet grant provides funding for a period of 3 years.  The funds are to be used to transform Napa Junction from an ordinary neighborhood school to a school of choice.  The purpose of any federal magnet grant is to redesign a school's program to make it attractive to a more diversified population.  Napa Junction asked for grant money to develop a stellar STEM program.  

magnet school logo

The school now has a science lab with a fully credentialed science teacher.  In addition, the lab and school are well stocked with FOSS science kits and Engineering is Elementary engineering kits. Lego Robotics also have a place in the new curriculum.  The school has been able to purchase iPads, desktops computers and laptops which are used by all staff and students to enrich teaching and learning.