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A New Tech Network School

The New Tech Network is an organization that works nationwide to transform schools into innovative learning environments for students.  Napa Junction is fortunate enough to be one of the first elementary New Tech Network schools in the nation.  Partnering with NTN, Napa Junction Magnet School is implementing a school model that highlights Project Based Learning (PBL), technology that enhances instruction and project work, and an empowering school culture.

New Tech Network

PBL is a teaching method by which students gain knowledge and skills, working for an extended period of time investigating and responding to a complex question.  Every PBL unit is developed around the Next Gen Science Standards.  The projects incorporate Common Core Math and Language Arts Standards as well.  In addition to acquiring knowledge specific to the standards, students build essential skills for today's world, including collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

The use of technology enriches our teaching and learning.  Students access technology to dig deeper into their units of study, to broaden their understanding of concepts and to expand their learning.  Technology is often used to consolidate student learning and to put it into presentation form.  Students are as comfortable using pen and paper as they are using computers.  Teachers use technology to make learning more engaging, to further explain concepts, to be efficient, and to deliver content in an accurate and precise manner.

A New Tech Network school culture is one with students who are connected, engaged and challenged.  Connected students have positive relationships with their peers and the adults on campus.  School environments that are safe have students well connected.  Connected students learn to trust, to work out problems together and to support each other.  Engaged students stay focused on their learning.  Engaged student enjoy their time at school and are hungry for more knowledge.  Challenged students are curious and thoughtful.  Challenged students understand a growth mindset.  They know that we can always do things differently and/or better and that our own behaviors determine our success.